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The epicenter of global food trade since the ancient times, India is now a dominant global player in the modern food trade. India has the pride of being the “Land of Origin” of an assortment of food crops & processed products that have a significant impact on the global demand and supply.

India - A Vibrant Consumer Food Market

1.4 Billion Population
Fastest Growing Economy amongst G20 Nation
Market Size
USD 827 Billion of Organized Food Retail Market by 2023
15% CAGR
Organized retail in Food Grocery is growing at a CAGR of 15%
Modern retail in the Food Grocery is growing at a CAGR of 25%
#3 in PPP
3rd in Purchasing Power Parity after USA & China

India - Massive Capacity in Agricultural Production

Largest Arable Land

2nd Largest arable land in the world

Largest Rice Producer

2nd largest Rice producer in the world

Fish & Aquaculture Production

2nd largest in world production of fish, as well as in aquaculture

Spices - 70% Market Share

52 varieties of Spices and holds 70% of the Global Market Share

Cardamom and Pepper

Amongst the Top producers of Cardamom and Pepper

Top Producers of Coconut

Amongst the Top Producers of Coconut and Pineapple

Largest Wheat Producer

2nd largest Wheat producers in the world

#1 in Production of Milk

1st in the Production of Milk with annual increase of over 6% in production

Largest Livestock Population

India has the largest livestock population

Tea- 20% Market Share

20% of the Tea consumed in the world is from India

Banana, Pulses and Sugarcane

Amongst the Top Producers for Banana, Pulses and Sugarcane in the world

India - Hub of Food Processing for the world

2nd in Food Production Globally

2nd in Food Production Globally

Abundance of Raw Materials

Abundance of Raw Materials with presence of 15 Agro Climatic Zones.

Contributes 14% of Country’s GDP

Food Processing contributes 14% of Country’s GDP currently.

100% FDI For Food Processing

100% FDI is permitted under the automatic route in Food processing industries.

Business Friendly Policies

Business Friendly policies and incentives offered by Government of India to the extent of 50%  for set-up, expansion & modernisation of new and existing Food Processing Industries.

Dedicated Food Processing Clusters

Presence of dedicated Food Processing Clusters with common facilities such as logistics, Cold chain and warehousing facilities, testing laboratories, skill development centres etc.

17 Mega Food

17 operational Mega Food Parks with ready infrastructure for setting up of food processing units- 40 Mega Food Parks approved by Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

Massive Talent Pool

Availability of huge skilled talent pool.

India - Food Map